Inspiration Trip: Banbury Mechanical Circus

Eleanor at the Mechanical Circus, Banbury Museum

One of the automata looking wistful

Whenever we feel we need to find a way through developing projects we know it is time to take an inspiration trip.

We known about the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre and their wonderful collection of automata creators for some time now. It was time to see some of the weirdly wonderful robotic creations of their artists and this meant a trip to bonny Banbury and their ‘Mechanical Circus’ exhibition (we didn’t ride a cock-horse there, that would be silly) .

We took a trip to Banbury to see the rather wonderful Mechanical Circus exhibition. A little light inspiration for future projects.

Trevor Young

I am currently working through a part time illustration course, as well as working in the film industry as a freelance visual effects compositor (i.e. digitally combining all the elements to create a final effects shot in a feature film).