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Eleanor Long
paper landscape model
shutters and graffiti paper model
photo of the Tapocketa studio

The Company

Tapocketa (pronounced Ta-pocket-ah) was set up to innovate and explore rich and engaging animation techniques to tell stories in new and enchanting ways. 

The Founders

We have always worked in various parts of the creative industries...


My experience is much more on the practical side. I tend to make all the sets for the animations which start out as paper models although I am involved in the digital side too. My background is in model-making for TV and feature film and I am a Masters alumni from the Royal College of Art.


My background is in feature film vfx, leading teams and creating effects shots for three of the Harry Potter movies and the Hunger Games: Catching Fire amongst many others. I lean more towards creating the characters and the digital side of the creation process.

Find out more about Trevor here.    

Find out more about Eleanor here. 

Our diverse backgrounds inform our storytelling and illustrations.

Our first book, Galdo's Gift,  a super enhanced ebook with animated illustrations and so much more.



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New videos posted regularly

New videos posted regularly

tapocketa is a fledgling design and animation studio. Our first book, Galdo's Gift, is an enhanced ebook for children with animated illustrations and is available on the Apple iBooks Store. 

Example videos...

Here we briefly talk about some of the items and places that have fed into the artwork and animation for Galdo's Gift. Before the real work began on the animated storybook, we sought inspiration from a number of sources, here are just a few.
How we go about creating the animated illustrations for our children's book, Galdo's Gift and how it can help children to enjoy reading and learn at the same time.

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