NED: Love Machine, a mini-short

A live action/animation mini-short about a strange contraption we uncovered that processes emotions in a very odd way.

Created over a total of five days, this self-initiated work plays on the juxtaposition of science and emotion, live action and animation.

The animators looking a bit creepy

We built the Nebulous Emotion Detector as a card model and used a duplicate digital version for the animated section.

It was lots of fun to do and it’s good to have a chance to experiment with our technique.

Thank you for watching :-)

Card model built for the animation

The cg version of the card model

The cg version of the card model

Trevor Young

I am currently working through a part time illustration course, as well as working in the film industry as a freelance visual effects compositor (i.e. digitally combining all the elements to create a final effects shot in a feature film).