Project diary - The Locksmith, Aug 2019

Initial rough sketch of mechanisms layout

Initial rough sketch of mechanisms layout

We’re currently working our new project ‘The Locksmith’ and are making a trailer for it first; to let people in on the feel of it and to hint at the subject and the suspense involved….

So it does of course include some locks. Not quite your normal locks, oh no, this is a collection of intricately moving mechanisms that link and connect, latch and oscillate. It’s been fun working out the what and the how of it and I started by drawing out shapes that would move and nudge each other in an interesting way.

This involved quite a lot of trial and error as far as the specific shapes and mechanisms were concerned and I wanted to keep a hand drawn and asymmetrical feel to it rather than the clean strategic shapes of machined cogs and dials etc. After the initial sketches I launched straight into making a paper model, this being the best way to actually find out if the shapes could or would work together before taking into the computer to recreate each piece for animation.

In the video below I show you some of the sketches and paper models I made and how, by using pins bent and snipped as joints, I trialled some of the arrangements and sequence of motion that would give the desired result.

A brief glimpse of behind the scenes of our next project; paper mechanisms, and maquettes.