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Children's digital book Galdo's gift diagram

Galdo's Gift is an animated children's book for ages 5 and up by Trevor Young & Eleanor Long, due for release early in 2018.  The initial release will be a digital version for the iPad with wonderful animated illustrations, fun pop-up word definitions and narration from the great King Galdo himself. 

Here are some comments made from real, actual school children after Trevor and Eleanor read (and acted!) Galdo's Gift and presented a 'behind the scenes' look of the animated book during School Book Week.

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Jamie quote - I think it will be a brilliant book ...
Charlie quote - I liked the rhyming and it was like a poem.
Jake quote - It is one of the best kid books I have ever seen in my life.

Ryan, aged 9 "I liked it all so 5 stars for you."

Laura quote - I really like ... you get definitions for a word you don't understand.
Amber quote - You think there will be amazing gifts but there's a twist.
Ella quote - It's very funny and silly which makes me laugh.
Children with Brendara and Mustafo masks on

Ben, aged 9 "I liked how it was animated and how you made the characters move."

Maya, aged 9 "I like the rhyming and how the characters don't have normal names."

Iza, aged 9 "I like how they made the characters by using a method of drawing each accessory / body part and sticking them together. 10/10."

Daniel, aged 10 "I really liked the imagination that was put into the book."

Kim, aged 9 "I liked the characters and the scene and how they started off with drawings and they got them that good."

Daniel, aged 9 "I liked everything because it was AWESOME!"