Welcome to Tallowmere

Interactive Landing Page for Keaton Henson and Faber Music Ltd


Welcome to Tallowmere


Detail - short section of the final animation

Animating the haunting artwork of musician Keaton Henson for Faber Music Ltd as a 'teaser' webpage to promote the release of an innovative book showcasing Keaton's work.

Keaton Henson

Photo by Sophie Harris-Taylor

'Tapocketa's HTML animation skills really brought Keaton's work to life in a beautiful and organic way that surpassed our expectations and the entire team including Keaton are delighted with the result'

- Jack Halsey, Head of Marketing & Communications, Faber Music Ltd

The Welcome to Tallowmere site needed to bring Keaton's own ink-wash artwork to life. This entailed animating tree branches, falling leaves, clouds, telegraph wires and birds whilst remaining true to the spirit of Keaton's work.

We also added all of the window interaction which reveal clues to engage the curiosity of Keaton's large fan base. We provided all the code for Faber Music Ltd to upload to the site. Different renditions meant the campaign could develop over a set time period.    Campaign launch; March 2018.