Examples for Trev

Hi Trev. Here are some examples listed below. We will always get the information about the website and how it is hosted before we agree to the job and can try an involve you at an early stage if there is any ambiguity with how the client website is set up.

We create our HTML5 animations in Tumult Hype which has excellent feedback warnings on what will and will not work in different browsers and their various versions. It can also handle content reflow for responsive web layouts where that may be an issue.

Let us know if there are any other details I have missed out that you would need before being able to estimate cost.

Example 1

Quote for animated add banner 148x418px

An an animated HTML5+Javascript interactive ad banner to be embedded into the homepage of a website hosted on Hostgator. The website is updated by FTP upload and the client has no experience or tech resources within their organisation.

A folder with all the HTML5, Javascript and content will be supplied by us.


Example 2


Interactive mini ‘game’ and link to embed

An interactive combination lock to be embedded into a children’s story site, which when the correct combination is selected reveals a ticket that takes them to another ‘secret’ page of the site.

Website is hosted by Squarespace and we will provide the HTML5, Javascript and content. Dropbox link to example of what we would supply is here


Example 3

An interactive landing page

A complete animated interactive landing page to be added to a Go Daddy hosted site (no web-builder just FTP upload). The page is not embedded into client content but completely ‘stand-alone’. Client is not confident uploading but has an IT department (but not experienced in dealing with websites. A minimum one hour consultation charge is needed. Example site is here