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Tapocketa Stories is our in house projects 'sector' where we get to explore and innovate our own work.  Our first title is an interactive children's book called Galdo's Gift...

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Galdo's Gift: The Boovie

Tapocketa winner of four Digital Book World Awards
Galdo’s Gift winner of four Digital Book World Awards and two finalists
Galdo’s Gift wins Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

Tapocketa always strives to push the boundaries of invention and Galdo's Gift is no exception.  A showcase for our animation, illustration and storytelling abilities this is truly an ebook like no other.

With 28 movie 'illustrations', 250 'in-context' pop up definitions, text personalisation, animated narrator, soundtrack, sound effects and a combination lock to a secret hidden page, this Boovie® (book-movie hybrid) is very special and rather unique.    Book launch; February 2018.

Click on the book cover below to check out the Galdo's Gift website.





'Galdo’s Gift is an absolutely Brilliant, Funny, and Engaging story. I loved reading this with my son who was blown away from the very beginning with King Galdo shouting “Come on Come on, what’s taking you so long!” My son’s face was a picture watching this character come alive!'

-Mandy McDonald  Mummys Magical Mayhem


'Galdo’s Gift brings children’s literature into the 21st Century by using digital features which really enhance the experience for the reader. There is nothing gimmicky about this ebook – it genuinely creates a more engaging and interactive experience...  All I will say is that it is one heck of an adventure that really engages any reader, and one that I enjoyed as much as my son!'

-Matt Williams mjw.wales


'My 6 year old daughter absolutely enjoyed reading about an adventurous kingdom! She was able to read and listen to the stories while also seeing the beautiful illustrations. Galdo’s Gift is an humorous adventure for all ages.'

-Momo and Youbi  iTunes Store, US

'It’s a lovely mix of stunning animation and great storytelling and it’s really a unique e-book. It’s a great activity for a bit of iPad time — book reading for modern kids! My girls love reading physical books too, but this is a lovely addition and another great way to encourage the love for literature. I think it would be great for encouraging children who are not that into regular books too.'

-Petra, amumreviews.co.uk

'If you haven’t read Galdo’s Gift, the new Boovie (book in motion) by Tapocketa’s Trevor Young and Eleanor Long, you are in for a treat.  Congratulations! I Love Galdo’s Gift.'

-Nisa Riphat, Online Editor, Alex and Alexa

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