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To promote the haunting ink wash artwork of musician Keaton Henson, Faber Music wanted an intriguing animated webpage to draw his fan base’s interest. Well before any link to the book purchase was added, various interactive clues were at left at various time points, alluded to by cryptic posts from Keaton himself on his social media, fans flocked to the mysterious page to see what had been updated.

A short demo of some of the HTML animation work by Tapocketa. Courtesy of Faber Music Ltd © Keaton Henson.

His artwork was embellished with subtle animation that befitted the scene and accompanied by a specially composed piano piece by Keaton. The page was made responsive for various devices and browsers and Tapocketa provided Faber with all the code they needed to upload.

The finale was to add a link to the purchase page of the book, driving large volumes of traffic there within the first hour of posting.

The object of the piece, Keaton’s book is very beautiful. Attach headphones to the book and you can listen to Keaton’s compositions, alongside his poetry and artwork.

The Tallowmere Annual

More about Keaton Here

Our signed copy

Our signed copy

Keaton Henson ©Sophie Harris-Taylor

Trevor Young

I am currently working through a part time illustration course, as well as working in the film industry as a freelance visual effects compositor (i.e. digitally combining all the elements to create a final effects shot in a feature film).