Their first adventure is the super-enhanced groundbreaking ebook, Galdo's Gift: The BooVie (not a book, not a movie ...a BooVie®*) which is gaining fans from children to the young at heart as well as becoming an enchanting showcase for their work.

 New - Videos posted weekly

New - Videos posted weekly

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Galdo's Gift is an animated children's book for ages 5 -10 years old, available for download from the iBooks Store (Apple only -although we are looking at how we can make it available to everyone).  Written, illustrated and animated by Trevor Young and Eleanor Long at  Tapocketa Studios.

This is the story of four hapless heroes sent by a noble frog king to find a special gift for you, the reader.  Of course, things don't turn out quite as planned and what our intrepid heroes return with is quite unexpected.

Galdo's Gift is a BooVie®* (not a book, not a movie... a BooVie) storytelling with wonderful animated illustrations, fun pop-up word definitions and narration from the great King Galdo (Brian Murphy) himself. 


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Trevor Young and Eleanor Long at Barnes Kid's Literature Festival


*BooVie® - UK00003236058