paper art

The Changing Landscape

a newhorizon... Eleanor's latest paper model of Galdovia

Galdovia is always somewhere we wanted to revisit and truly explore what it has to offer.

Previous visits had always been fleeting.  There was never time to take in it's full potential, we had to push on, quicken the pace, 'no time to linger' barked the uncompromising, yet dashing, Trevor.

Well sometimes it's good to pause, contemplate and revisit; you begin to see what you truly missed the first time around.

Eleanor revisited Galdovia; sighed it's cool fresh air, strolled its winding hill paths and misty valleys and brought the landscape into crystal sharp focus before our eyes...

...and next time, we go together.

It a Set Up

So it stands to reason that you can't have a wonderful children's story with wonderfully funny characters ('cos I make 'em) without wonderfully beautiful places for them to wonder around and get lost in.

We are drawing on Eleanor's past experience in set building and she has been busy constructing fabulous scenery based on our discussions of the storyboards.  As well as constructing the sets in miniature for real, she also places them in the virtual realm of the computer as well.  This is where she can begin to work out what elements are needed where for our camera work and whether we need any more scenery bits to cover certain angles.  We are building each scene up in layers and are finding there are plenty of opportunities to play around with the way the layers interact with each other.  Building the sets for real out of card is so useful when it comes to discussions about what might need to be added or changed.

We're getting really excited about the possibilities!