Rough Idea

Storyboard Animatic Door Forest

While we make new acquaintances, new little characters to recruit into our world, we thought we would show you a snippet of our early animatic.   An animatic is the the next step on from the storyboard it helps us see how things will be progressively framed by the camera through the stories various scenes.  Think of it as an animated storyboard if you like.  It is still very much not finished in terms of look but helps us make decisions about what might be added to enhance each scene.

The small snippet above represents this frame from our storyboard:

Not Out of the Woods Yet

So why not start a story in the woods?  There's plenty to see, or not.  Some critters are pretty shy and don't want to just pop their head out of a hole and say "hello there!" straight away.  While we are waiting for them to appear we need to carry on adding trees to our story.  Exactly how many trees does it take to make a forest?  For us it will be just enough to hide what's up ahead.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 09.23.25.png