Critter Call Thinking

We now have our roll call for various scenes in the book.  All the people are putting on their hats and boots and forming a nice orderly queue, ready to play their part.

Time for the creatures of this world to make an appearance.  How do these move about?  What makes them unique and interesting?  What will they look like when all their parts are put together?

We look forward to finding out with you.

Character Building Stuff

Would you like some legs with your shoes?

So what happens when you create a whole load of mouths, eyes, ear, noses, heads, hats, glasses etc. and put them together to make lots of characters?  Well the results look a little chaotic but that may not be a bad thing.  Our world is pretty chaotic and so it makes sense that the characters that inhabit it would be too.

Let's see what little characters turn up and then decide if they are welcome to stay.

One of the early arrivals