Children's Festivals Survival Guide Part 1: Preparation

It's not enough to write a children's book, you need to get out there and let everybody know about it!  But what are some of the things you need to consider when preparing for your event?

The next episode in our brand new Pixels and Paper episode is all about how to survive presenting a children's book at festivals.

Let us guide you through our top ten tips for preparation...

How to prepare for reading or performing your book at a children's festivals. We take you through our 10 key points when getting ready for the big day.

The Book Look

A section from our latest Galdo's Gift page backdrop

A section from our latest Galdo's Gift page backdrop

Looking worse for wear...much like the martyrs in the book

One thing that is important to Eleanor and I when making Galdo's Gift is to stay true to, and celebrate, the beauty of books.  This may sound contradictory when you learn that Galdo's Gift will firstly be a digital book;  we don't see it that way.  We want to encapsulate all that we love about print books alongside what a digital book can offer.

The image here is the front cover from a very old book I have inherited from my parents, The Foxes Book of Martyrs (a church copy, listing the stories of many Christian martyrs through history).  It has many of the qualities that have consciously fed into the design of our book.

Obviously a digital book can't be as wonderfully tactile as a print book, but we can draw a lot from it's visual texture, patterns and surface qualities and add all that is good about digital books; animation, sound, informative visual overlays, increased engagement of reluctant readers; the list goes on.

We look forward to sharing that experience with all of you.


Making a world isn't easy

So we are now a tantalizing three weeks in to our first project as Pivot Pictures and unsurprisingly we are behind schedule.  Although our schedule was a little over optimist in the first place.

We have spent these past weeks story-boarding the twenty-five verse poem that first started life a year ago and has been dusted off and rewritten with much hindsight.  I've always heard that a good writer's tip is to put away what you've written for a month or two so that when you view it again you can do so with fresh eyes and a detached perspective.  That was certainly the case and after showing it to some knowledgeable friends, further rewrites took place.

We are now in the process of constructing the characters and sets for the mini movies that will become the animated illustrations for our book and we are starting to realize just how much work is involved!