Voicing Concern

So the storyboard is done.  Phew!

Character mouths for the book

We now have to finish off the storyboard movie with music and placeholder narration.  I wonder who will narrate this story in the end.  There has been some very talented actors and singers who have already sent us narrations and very good they are to.  I had a go but felt a little hurt when Eleanor said I sounded like Terry Wogan -probably best left to the professionals.  Someone suggested Stephen Fry, but he narrates everything, no? (plus I think he might not do it :) ).  The narrator, we imagine is an older character, with gravel voice tones who sounds good when they are gruff and irked.  The search continues on that one.



Trevor Young

Hertford, UK

I am currently working through a part time illustration course, as well as working in the film industry as a freelance visual effects compositor (i.e. digitally combining all the elements to create a final effects shot in a feature film).