It's getting 'drafty' in here

Draft 15, never to be seen

Draft 15, never to be seen

So, the story of our brave heroes is finally complete.  All we need to do is just await the feedback of some keen-eyed friends and....  right, the feedback is through: we're not finished.  Ok so we've addressed the concerns of our friends and their children, cool.

Maybe we should get it checked out for the grammatical precision, with which I am so confident, by a former English teacher.  I'll expect top marks, maybe a bit of red pen in the areas where a AWOL comma should be, but nothing signifi...  you what?  Why is it cover in red pen?  Metre?  Why does it matter what the poem's measurements are?  Oh, right, I knew that.  Sure, you mean the 'metre' as in the rhythmic structure of the poem (thanks Wiki).  Ok, I'll just go back through and check. Damn it.

It's been a long journey from first scribbles to draft number fifteen and I have a feeling that with feedback from a leading children's book publisher due very soon, there is going to be a draft 16.  Just a hunch.



Trevor Young

I am currently working through a part time illustration course, as well as working in the film industry as a freelance visual effects compositor (i.e. digitally combining all the elements to create a final effects shot in a feature film).