About us

tapocketa  pronounced 'ta-pocket-a' is small indie design and animation studio. We are Trevor Young and Eleanor Long, and we live with Harvey Dog, a large stripy dog, in a tall house in the town of Hertford in the UK. 

We create, make and share stories and snippets that engage, intrigue and enchant the viewer/reader. We are particularly interested in finding inventive new ways to move and transform a story from paper to screen.  

In our own work we always start with a pencil and paper. Drawing, paper cut outs and making actual paper models leads into the computer work. This means working with numerous computer programmes for an inordinate amount of time. But it really is very exciting when we can see our drawings and models come to life.

We work to transform ideas into extensive and intriguing digital worlds to illustrate our stories and guides for children and adults. We produce high quality digital books along with all manner of related media.


Find out more about Trevor here.    Find out more about Eleanor here.  Our diverse backgrounds inform our storytelling and illustrations.

Our first book, Galdo's Gift,  a super enhanced ebook with animated illustrations and so much more is currently available on the Apple iBooks Store.